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Sam &Raquel. by Yoga Slackers



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Okinawa  RISA   RYO  TAKA


Osaka     YURI SAO


________________Teacher  Introduction ___________________

◆Sam & Raquel

The YogaSlackers are an internationally recognized teaching organization. Sam Salwei co-Founded YogaSlackers in 2005. Raquel joined the company in 2012. They teach yoga, slackline yoga, acroyoga, handstands and lead adventure based retreats around the world. Their teaching practice is characterized by safe and thoughtful progressions, allowing students to quickly progress from "I can't' to "Wow, I just did that!".

Together, they create a playful, supportive, disciplined, and energetic environment in which learning comes naturally, and show their students that there is no limit to what they can achieve with a positive attitude, dedication and a good training plan! In fact, after taking enough of Sam and Raquel’s classes, “I can’t” may become as foreign of a concept to you as it is for any YogaSlackers teacher!

YogaSlackers Sam Salwei and Raquel Hernández have participated in the Japan AcroYoga Festival through online workshops for two years. They will be joining us in person for the first time! You can enjoy their individual workshops or sign up for a full day workshop after the festival. We highly encourage you to do both and learn from this highly experienced teaching team.


For more than 10 years, Tondacro has been learning, teaching, sharing, jamming, teaching teachers, receiving, and organizing festivals in the practice of Acroyoga.

He values the power of communication, trust, and community that can be unleashed and learned through Acroyoga.

Currently, his focus is on how to create beauty and grace in the practice.

Come fly with me!

◆Yuri Yokose

Studio YOGAasis Owner

I've taught yoga for 19 years and acroyoga for 8 years. I love the art moves I learned in Montreal, and I have weekly lessons in my hometown of Osaka. I'd love to spread the attraction of various acroyoga such as tricky flow and standing acro to many people. Based on my experience in teaching yoga to the elderly and people with disabilities daily, I am good at coaching them to get close to people, challenge and achieve what they want to do, and aim to provide guidance that moves their hearts.

Message to everyone

It's important the feeling that you want to do it than whether you can do it. Please enjoy the festival while skipping your heart. I'd love to enjoy straggling and succeeding with everyone!

◆Aki Takenaka

I am Aki. I teach acroyoga around greater Tokyo area. I discovered acroyoga in the desert of Arizona in 2014. Since then I have quit my job in Chicago, traveled around the world and took acroyoga teacher training in Thailand from Acroyoga International. After returning to Japan, I have been teaching acroyoga as well as hosting acroyoga camp at Burning Japan to share the love of acroyoga.

Message to all

To me, acroyoga teaches me, allows me to heal and grow to be a better humanbeing. Acroyoga also brings me excitment and joy. I would love to share my love for acroyoga through this year's acroyoyga festival in Okinawa.


Mika is an ex-cabin crew, bilingual yoga teacher. She inspires people with positive energy and makes others happy. Mika is also an interpreter at the festival. Through an AcroYoga, she wants to share the connection of the mind and body and how Acroyoga helps to improve our communication skills to care for each other by surrendering and trusting. She organizes the "Acroyoga lady-bases Tokyo" to empower women. She has regular classes at studioGOD in Ebisu, Tokyo.

Message to everyone

Instead of giving up and saying, "I can't do AcroYoga," you can take a step forward and say, "I'll give it a try!". If you take the first step, it will change your world 🤗. I want you to have fun with as many people as possible at the festival without hesitation! I am looking forward to playing with you soon💛


Hi, i'm Maryna, born in eastern Ukraine. I received four years of education for choreographers at Culture & Art University. 2008 I came to Japan. 2018 Acroyoga Instructor, 2020 Working as a pole dance, aerial hoop, hammock dance, aerial yoga instructor, etc. Instructors and Thai massage workshops and teacher courses have been taken in Japan, Ukraine, Thailand, etc. and are further researched. I am active as a performer and instructor in Nagoya.

Message to everyone

Ever since I was a child, I have loved performing on stage. Over the years I have gained experience in many types of dance, pole dance, aerial hoop and hammock. Acro yoga in it is also a kind of performance for me. At the 2023 festival, we will hold lessons to learn by incorporating fun mini dances, including acroyoga. I look forward to working with you.


I'm TAKA. I organize an Acro Yoga community centered in the southern and central regions of Okinawa. Our community holds weekly classes, events, and jams to increase the number of people practicing Acro Yoga in Okinawa. At this festival, our goal is to create an opportunity for Acro Yogis from other parts of Japan and from other countries to interact with Acro Yogis from Okinawa. If you're visiting Okinawa from outside the prefecture or from overseas, please come join us at the Okinawa Acro Yoga JAM!

Message to everyone

AcroYoga is not only a great sport for strengthening the body and mind, but also for fostering trust and cooperation with a partner. At this festival, you can expand your horizons by finding new friends and partners to practice with. This festival is also a place to achieve personal growth while having fun. Practicing challenging poses may help you gain more confidence in yourself, which can have a positive impact on your daily life. Don't forget to experience the local food and culture when you come to Okinawa. And be sure to appreciate the natural beauty of Okinawa as well. Finally, enjoy your wonderful time at this festival, challenge yourself, and have fun meeting new friends!


While working at a major hot yoga studio, I wanted to differentiate myself from the thousands of other instructors there, when I was introduced to AcroYoga. I was stiff, had no muscle strength, and thought I was inferior to other instructors. After encountering AcroYoga, I learned the simple idea that I could rely on others to do what I lacked and help them with what I was good at. I decided to quit my job because I wanted to share my love of Acroyoga with as many people as possible. She is now active as a certified AcroYoga teacher mainly in Osaka.

Message to everyone

My mission is to bring AcroYoga to as many people as possible! Let's enjoy the moment together like when we were kids, regardless of whether we can do it or not!


Through my practice, I have learned that AcroYoga is about relying on others and letting go, and that failure is nothing to be ashamed of. I want everyone to know that anyone, regardless of physical ability, can do acro yoga! I value nurturing people's minds to enjoy the process while having a goal. I have been teaching AcroYoga for 6 years.

Message to everyone

This is a moment that will never happen again. I hope that everyone who participated in this event and we will be able to share a page of our memories together. I want to create a page of memories together with everyone!


I was fascinated by AcroYoga when I first encountered it overseas 12 years ago, and I felt it was my mission to spread such wonderful yoga in Japan! I felt a sense of mission to spread such a wonderful yoga practice in Japan, and I have been working on it. It has been exactly 10 years this year since I launched Acroyoga Japan. I have received many yoga and acro yoga trainings overseas, and in Japan, based in Tokyo and Okinawa, I have held national tours to spread acro yoga throughout Japan (I stayed overnight in my car!), and once a year I hold an acro yoga class at the AcroYoga Center in Tokyo. ), and holds an annual Acroyoga Festival once a year!

Message to everyone

I love AcroYoga because it is fun and comfortable. ❤️ At the AcroYoga Festival, I hope to share the fascination of AcroYoga and Okinawa with everyone!


From the second grade to high school, I spent 10 years of my life immersed in baseball. During her college years, she learned the importance of "training for others" instead of "training for oneself." While still in college, she became an instructor at the Japan Lifesaving Church and continues to hold training sessions and other activities to prevent accidents near the water. He started AcroYoga under the influence of his wife, Risa, and found himself falling in love with it so much that he even became certified as an instructor.

Message to everyone

At the festival, I will not only give lessons, but also support the event as the vice captain (Sao-chan is the captain) to make it a fun time!